Our secret ingredient: K2

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At the centre of Our Charter is our secret ingredient: The Kentech Way… or as we like to call it K2.

Why K2?

Because K2 is the name given to Mount Godwin-Austen, one of the world’s highest and most challenging mountains to climb.  Climbing K2 is only achievable by the most dedicated in the world and we see our culture as one where we are continuously working together to reach new heights.

What is K2?

K2 is when we are all fully engaged and working together towards a common goal, challenging norms, and supporting one another to be the best version of ourselves while achieving success; for the company, our customers and us all as individuals.

K2 is a positive, no fear mindset releasing our human energy and, like climbing a mountain successfully, it’s never a solo journey but one where we care for each other, lift each other up, give praise, recognition and take each step together. K2 is in the relationships we build and nurture with each other.

"K2 uses our culture of empowerment and engagement to accelerate and challenge our everyday choices, our way of thinking, working, and our processes. Absolutely everything is up for grabs because K2 demands differentiation in order to achieve."

John Gilley, CEO

K2: It's Our Way

K2 was born back in 2013 when we set off on a quest to focus on the training of our frontline supervision. Before long we had a lightbulb moment: it wasn’t about training, it was about breaking down hierarchies and creating a shared collective mindset from our people on the ground to the boardroom. A mindset that challenges accepted processes, encourages everyone to have their say, and inspires a constant desire to strive for growth and excellence - on an individual and collective level - so that we leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

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"The growth mindset we promote in Kentech speaks of our commitment to ourselves and each other. It says that in Kentech, on our ongoing evolutionary journey, we will always look to jump higher, run faster, work harder, be better, innovate, learn…. and to grow together."

Our secret ingredient: K2


On 30th July 2021, Kentech acquired the Oil and Gas Business of SNC-Lavalin. This led to the exciting relaunch of our new company, now known as Kent. For more info about Kent and the history of the companies that joined forces, please visit our new website: www.kentplc.com. This site will be closed in the coming months.