Tronox 2019 Turnaround

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The Tronox NL facility is a Titanium Dioxide producing plant within the Rotterdam energy corridor and forms part of a global operation initially founded in 2006 and has been on a journey of expansion. The company has operated for circa 13 years, but the original facility, chloride system has been in operation since 1960, so we are working with a mature asset that has potentially both new and aging equipment to maintain.

The Botlek site produces circa 90,000 kt of titanium dioxide (TiO2) per annum and often runs at 90% capacity throughout the year. Shutdowns and outages can therefore have a significant effect on impact on the business.


Tronox had scheduled a major shutdown of its facilities at Botlek to be undertaken within a tight time window to complete a multi-disciplinary series of critical tasks to ensure the plant maximizes its uptime over the next two years. Tronox required a partner organization with international experience of Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages events (STO) to provide reassurance on their overall approach and provide insight in to the planning and preparation for the STO event. They also required the partner to provide technicians on site 24 hours a day for the duration of the event. Critical to the challenge was to work safely with poisonous gases including TiCl4, Chlorine and CO2 plus working within confided spaces


Kentech provided its Subject Matter Expert to undertake a Readiness Review and further supported the event with the provision of planning services in the lead up and during the event.

Kentech also provide certified competent mechanical technicians for the duration of the STO event, including all facilities for the team, breathing apparatus, tools, supervision and health and safety support. Kentech also supported the decommissioning and recommissioning of the plant.


The Readiness review was executed using its defined STO procedure which is part of the Kentech  ‘Body of Knowledge’ (which draws upon International Standards, Policies and procedures, corporate and personnel experiences and lessons learnt).The Readiness Review included all key stakeholders and followed set criteria, to produce a risk register to allow the management team to understand whether the STO event could be executed successfully and highlight areas of focus to help ensure the success of the event.

Kentech provided a project managed service from the readiness review onwards to ensure the Mechanical Technicians were able to deliver. Detailed quality plan produced in advance of the event, and used to control the execution of the STO event. The technicians were mobilized prior to the event to ensure their competence met the requirements of the tasks assigned. Kentech provided three crews of Mechanical technicians across three shifts to allow execution of the work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the three week shutdown. Initial specialist crews equipped with breathing apparatus undertook the decommissioning and subsequent recommissioning. Continuous supervision was provided to ensure the tasks were completed to time and quality.


The client was reassured following the Readiness Review they would be able to execute the STO event to time and quality by measuring themselves against international best practice. This also allowed them to start building best practice within their own organization for other STO events at their sites around the world. The STO event was executed without any LTIs and the work delivered to time and quality to allow the plant to be recommissioned for operation on schedule.


On 30th July 2021, Kentech acquired the Oil and Gas Business of SNC-Lavalin. This led to the exciting relaunch of our new company, now known as Kent. For more info about Kent and the history of the companies that joined forces, please visit our new website: This site will be closed in the coming months.