Lonestar Rig 1, TDS 2000

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Lonestar 1 is a semi-submersible drilling unit of the TDS 2000 design, constructed by Single Buoy Moorings Inc. (SBM) for Queiroz Galvao Oil and Gas at the Gulf Piping Company’s (GPC) fabrication yard in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi.

Kentech was brought in to the project as part of a recovery programme following slippages in schedule.

Kentech mobilized its work preparation team and worked closely with SBM and GPC on a work plan to achieve the accelerated completion.

It was agreed that Kentech would take over the cable installation scope from the existing contractor and following the mobilization of over 200 personnel, Kentech managed to exceed client targets and assisted in bringing the project to a successful conclusion.  In total, Kentech executed 375,154 manhours without a lost time incident.

Following completion, the rig was destined to operate in the Brazilian offshore sector.  It is capable in operating in water depths 2,000-2,400 metres and drilling to over 7,500 metres sub-surface.

Kentech has successfully executed a number of similar projects at GPC’s yard since the initial contract in the Middle East in 2006.


On 30th July 2021, Kentech acquired the Oil and Gas Business of SNC-Lavalin. This led to the exciting relaunch of our new company, now known as Kent. For more info about Kent and the history of the companies that joined forces, please visit our new website: www.kentplc.com. This site will be closed in the coming months.