Interim Production Facility, Sakhalin-1

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Kentech was awarded a multi-disciplinary support contract for planning and executing the preservation of the Sakhalin-1 IPF.

Kentech was responsible for the construction of the IPF, which was used for early production whilst the main OPF was being constructed.  When the OPF came online, it took over the production and the IPF operation ceased.

Kentech started with the development and approval of the decommissioning plan.  The next step was the steam cleaning of the piping system and filling it with nitrogen.  Another aspect was the cleaning of the inside of the various process vessels.  This involved a whole new range of procedures, work method statements and JSA’s with a lot of specialised equipment and training.

Following completion of the mechanical works, we commenced on the electrical and instrumentation systems.

Kentech also performed periodic preventative maintenance to maintain the integrity of the facility and equipment until the future use of the IPF was established.


On Tuesday 9th February 2021, we announced an agreement to acquire the oil & gas business of SNC-Lavalin’s Resources Division.

This business includes people and assets brought together through their acquisition of the Kentz and other energy services businesses. This transaction marks an exciting, ground-breaking development for Kentech to reinforce our position as a leading integrated energy services provider and introduces us to the renewable / clean power marketplace. We now move forward together with a global network of more than 10,000 professionals united by a commitment of common values and strong partnerships with clients from across the world.

By investing now, we are strategically positioning the company to take advantage of the next cycle of growth.

Our complementary businesses will join forces, creating a stronger offering across the full asset life cycle – from consulting to design and build, commissioning and start-up, through to maintenance, modification and turnaround, as well as decommissioning services.