Onboarding experience

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We know how nerve-wracking, but also life changing the first day, week, month or more, at a new job can be, which is why we are introducing 100 & Beyond – a 100-day onboarding experience to set you on the road to success in your new role.

100 & Beyond is a guided journey for every employee; connecting you to what it really means to be part of the Kentech family.

Safety First, Always

We’re committed to ensuring everyone goes home safely and that is woven throughout 100& Beyond. We’re proud of our safety, health, quality and environmental practices and we introduce you to our approach through engaging training and coaching.

Passport to Success

You would never set off on the big journeys without your passport and the journey to success at Kentech is no different. On day one you receive your personalised Kentech Passport to guide your through your first 100 days.

A Buddy To Share The Journey With

Every new employee is partnered with a colleague who knows Kentech well and is on hand to offer guidance and advice, while encouraging and supporting you through your first weeks.

All The Tools for the Job

Everything you need to do your job competently and safely. Whether it’s the appropriate protective equipment for the task, the right software or the training and knowledge to support your role, we provide the right tools at the right time to do the work at hand.

A Sense of Community

As a new employee you are welcomed into our 100& Beyond online community. We believe that continuous communication is important to build a sense of community across our teams where we can all share our experiences and learn from each other.


Teams get together at the end of your 100& Beyond journey to recognise their new teammate, celebrate your achievements and wish you well on your continued growth at Kentech.

Kentech is a success story I am grateful to be a part of, where you don’t work for Kentech, but rather, work with Kentech. Working with Kentech feels like being part of family, where everyone is roped in together striving for the top, using and innovating the best practices. Having joined full time right before graduating from University, further strengthened my belief that Kentech is a place where your hard work and talent is recognized and deeply valued.

Roshan S, Recruitment Data Analyst

Being heard and valuable in the company is very important for the employee. Working in a global company with those who are stronger and more experience than you, makes you growing and developing, motivates to improve your skills and knowledge, gain valuable experience - this is what I found in Kentech. Kentech is a family that achieves success thanks to the friendly and well-coordinated work of the team. I am proud to be part of the company, because here I found myself and know that my contribution is appreciated.

Diana Li, Administrator, Kazakhstan


On Tuesday 9th February 2021, we announced an agreement to acquire the oil & gas business of SNC-Lavalin’s Resources Division.

This business includes people and assets brought together through their acquisition of the Kentz and other energy services businesses. This transaction marks an exciting, ground-breaking development for Kentech to reinforce our position as a leading integrated energy services provider and introduces us to the renewable / clean power marketplace. We now move forward together with a global network of more than 10,000 professionals united by a commitment of common values and strong partnerships with clients from across the world.

By investing now, we are strategically positioning the company to take advantage of the next cycle of growth.

Our complementary businesses will join forces, creating a stronger offering across the full asset life cycle – from consulting to design and build, commissioning and start-up, through to maintenance, modification and turnaround, as well as decommissioning services.