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We talk a lot at Kentech about creating a lasting legacy. As a collective, we want to be able to look back in generations to come and feel a sense of pride about what we achieved.

We operate in the energy industry.  It is a sector that we all depend on to give light, warmth and comfort in our homes and for our families.  It enables us to travel, experience the world and provides billons of people with medicines, treatments and vaccines. However, there is no denying the impact the demand for energy has on our planet.

We want to play our part in reinventing and evolving the industry so that it is both sustainable and in better balance with the planet.

The diversity and beauty of places in which we operate are daily reminders of the importance of protecting our planet. We drive a culture of environmental responsibility and conservation within all our people that goes beyond our working lives.

At Kentech we understand that the concept of going home safely every day does not work if we don’t have a safe home to return to. We need to have sustainable practices in place to ensure a future, not only for our planet but for our people and we actively encourage our people to adopt our sustainability practices in their everyday lives.

"It is rewarding seeing the impact I am having on the lives of my colleagues and the world’s environment. I’m very fortunate to work in a role that feeds my passion to make a better tomorrow."

Leila Mussakova, ELC Specialist


We believe in moving towards a low carbon society. That’s why during the next 18 months we are undertaking an exercise to fully understand our carbon footprint with a view to developing a strategy for the management and reduction of Kentech’s global carbon emissions.

As we work through this, some immediate actions we have taken have been:

  • Leveraging technology so that our employees can interact with each other, our clients, partners and families via Microsoft Teams.
  • Removing all desk phones as this technology is now integrated into all of our digital devices and replacing them with plants.
  • Having a strict economy travel business policy where business class is only availed for the very frequent traveler on flights over 12 hours.


We can make a difference to the environment by reusing more of what we already have. We have promoted this within our operations by:-

  • Removing single use plastics in all of our offices around the world
  • Providing all of our site teams with reusable water bottles
  • We are actively working to remove all single use plastics from each of our global project sites by the end of 2021.


We aggressively pursue the use of sustainably sourced products.  We leverage our global presence to share knowledge and learnings to ensure that we are recycling the paper we are using on or projects.  All our teams are actively involved in local programs to clean up the communities in which we work and recycle discarded waste in the beautiful environments in which we operate.


The area that excites us the most is how we contribute to reinventing the sustainable future of our industry. Bringing in youth, creative thinking and new energy to form teams of people that are passionate about evolving our industry.  This is where we believe we can have the greatest impact on our planet.


On 30th July 2021, Kentech acquired the Oil and Gas Business of SNC-Lavalin. This led to the exciting relaunch of our new company, now known as Kent. For more info about Kent and the history of the companies that joined forces, please visit our new website: This site will be closed in the coming months.