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Our ethical commitments are embedded in Our Charter which sets our company’s moral compass. As a people-focused company with a culture led by family values, we apply the core principles of fairness, accountability, responsibility and transparency to everything we do.

Ethical leadership

Ethical leadership is woven into the fabric of Our Charter. We encourage everyone to lead by example and to do the right thing without abandoning our personal or company values, even when it is a hard choice or if no one is looking.

Ethical leadership takes courage and conviction, both individually and as a company. But we know our actions speak louder than our words and they inspire those around us to do the same.

Our leaders are coached to spot ethical dilemmas early and deal with them with transparency, understanding and third party support to ensure our people are always treated fairly, with dignity and with respect.

The values and principles of the company define the culture and character of the company and we are committed to demonstrating this in our everyday behaviour.

John Gilley, CEO

What we expect from our partners

Our suppliers are critical partners in our value chain and maintaining an ethical supply chain is essential. Our KMS High Level Directive 02 governs all aspects of our relationships with suppliers and subcontractors including pre-screening and performance evaluation.  This includes requirements for fair employment practices; high standards in health, safety and environment; and respect for the human rights of all employees.

We value our relationships with suppliers who demonstrate high standards of ethical business conduct and work with us to meet the company’s materials, equipment and service requirements.  To learn about our terms and conditions as a current or prospective supplier, see our Terms and Conditions for Goods & Services or for Plant & Equipment Hire.

We always work with our business partners in an honest, respectful and responsible way and expect the same in return.

Anti corruption

We have implemented systematic procedures to comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, and other anti-corruption laws. We have developed a comprehensive programme for implementing this through guidance, training, and monitoring.

We value our reputation and take a zero tolerance approach to bribery.

Worker welfare and human rights

People are our power and at the heart and success of our business. We are fully committed to respecting human rights everywhere we operate, including areas where social, economic and political factors may put human rights and acceptable working conditions at risk.

Our Human Rights Policy sets out our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment where our people are treated equally, with dignity and respect, whilst fostering a work culture that is free of discrimination and harassment.

Our Human Rights Policy follows UDHR and ILO principles and includes sections on Forced Labour, Child Labour, Fair Wages, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Valuing Diversity and Non-Discrimination.

Ethics hotline

The Kentegrity ethics hotline service – operated by an independent third party – aims to provide an avenue for every member of the Kentech family to raise any concerns anonymously, free from discrimination, retaliation or harassment, or adverse employment consequences. Speak up, integrity counts.


On Tuesday 9th February 2021, we announced an agreement to acquire the oil & gas business of SNC-Lavalin’s Resources Division.

This business includes people and assets brought together through their acquisition of the Kentz and other energy services businesses. This transaction marks an exciting, ground-breaking development for Kentech to reinforce our position as a leading integrated energy services provider and introduces us to the renewable / clean power marketplace. We now move forward together with a global network of more than 10,000 professionals united by a commitment of common values and strong partnerships with clients from across the world.

By investing now, we are strategically positioning the company to take advantage of the next cycle of growth.

Our complementary businesses will join forces, creating a stronger offering across the full asset life cycle – from consulting to design and build, commissioning and start-up, through to maintenance, modification and turnaround, as well as decommissioning services.