IMO Director Integration Update 21 March 2021

The IMO and Separation planning has progressed with pace. Last week we completed the joint workshop to begin to establish the Transition Service Agreement (TSA) to ensure a seamless transition for the New Co Day 1. The TSA will cover all current Business as Usual (BAU) services for all employees and projects coming across to the new co. It helps to mitigate large impacts of change on Day 1 and allows us to build a fit for purpose support strategy that integrates with excellence over 12 months, instead of trying to eat the whole elephant on Day 1. The aim will be in the first 100 Days to build out systems and processes through collaboration and engagement, starting the cultural journey as an organization and embedding sustained incremental change effectively.

Key deliverables for Day 1 are standing up business critical activities, such as crisis management protocols, core governance and compliance, ensuring our people have been transitioned to the new co organization including a clear understanding and alignment with individuals on compensation and benefits, empowering business development teams to hit the ground running, re-brand and establishing effective communication channels and programs with all stakeholders including Day 1 comms, all with as minimal disruption as possible to the current BAU operations.

These plans have been developed and will be passed to the steering committee for approval in the following weeks. This is a key deliverable in the run up to Day 1. The next key focus will be the agreement and formalization of the TSA’s, synergy alignment, identifying and agreeing key cross functional interdependencies and working through the Day 1- 100 planning.

Both teams are excited and have now landed, leaning into each other to deliver a safe, confident and effective experience for all stakeholders. The journey continues!


On 30th July 2021, Kentech acquired the Oil and Gas Business of SNC-Lavalin. This led to the exciting relaunch of our new company, now known as Kent. For more info about Kent and the history of the companies that joined forces, please visit our new website: This site will be closed in the coming months.