International Men’s Day 2020

Happy International Men’s Day everyone!
Team Kentech have been having lots of fun this #Movember growing mo’s and saving bro’s, but…

Can we talk?

A lot of the issues impacting men’s health can be attributed back to toxic masculinity. Mental health struggles, male suicide and even the high rates of death from testicular and prostate cancer are all impacted by the inability to just talk.

That’s what #Movember has been all about for us. Sure, it’s silly and funny to see everyone grow ridiculous facial hair. But the point is that it is starting conversations. It forces men to open up. That, and of course raising money for a brilliant charity.

And thanks to the great post shared by Leslie Cox last week, it has also prompted a whole bunch of them to make those uncomfortable doctors appointments to get checked.

Our morning huddle today was dedicated to nominating strong male role models. We had everything from colleagues to family members to world leaders on the charts.

#jointheconversation…Who is your male role model?