HSSEQ Bulletin: Apathy – “It won’t happen to me”!

When was the last time you heard, or even said, “It won’t happen to me”? Apathy can be a direct result of a complacent culture and plays a major role in serious adverse events in our industry.

Everyone loses interest or focus from time to time, but when it happens in high risk environments, it can be catastrophic.

Sterile, unfulfilling work environments and roles often leads to boredom and apathy. Creating work environments that engage and challenge people, switching them on through new experiences, such as role rotation, new projects, learning activities and team goals may help to mitigate the impact of apathy in your work place.

Find out what gets your teams energised and work with it. Are they competitive? If so, bring in elements of game theory to your programs. It may be coaching or the ability to coach others so a mentor or buddy strategy may have an impact. The magic seed that is the cure for Apathy is nestled within the spark that is imagination.

How will you think differently and challenge the apathy that may be creeping into your actions, your team or your organisation? Be the person to challenge. Stand in your uniqueness and get inventive. Be open to the new, embrace what could be. It may be the difference that keeps you, your teams or your family safe.