Meet Togzhan Uazikhanova

Meet one of our employees on a quest to change the world.

With a Masters Degree in Management and Economics from her time spent at university in France, Togzhan Uazikhanova is a driven and dedicated individual and a shining example of what it means to lead with passion.

She has recently beaten off the competition to win a grant from the British Council for her start up initiative Litter.corp, a waste collection and ecological training service for the local community in Kazakhstan.

Her mission is to educate companies, schools and universities on environmental and sustainable development, waste segregation and how to reduce pollution. Her training service will also be accompanied with a sophisticated analytics tool so that the organisations can see the positive impact they are making by being more environmentally conscious.

Togzhan commented “My time in France allowed me to see how easy and yet impactful waste sorting can be. Fast forward a year later when I was back working in Kazakhstan and this process was much more difficult. Yes, there is a lack of recycling services in Kazakhstan but first and foremost there is a real lack of understanding and appreciation of the importance of it. This is what I want to solve. The local population overall have poor environmental knowledge. People simply do not know how to recycle and don’t understand that it is their ecological responsibility.

The grant money I have received by winning the I-SEED battle will go to the purchase of eco-boxes, bags and other necessary items for project implementation. I just can’t wait to get going with this.

Since winning the competition, I have been approached by a company who deliver a similar service in other cities in Kazakhstan. I have also partnered with them to be their official representative in Atyrau. Their goal is not just waste sorting and recycling, but fully zero-waste living everywhere – something I find so exciting!”