HSE Bulletin: Resolutions Vs Habits

Don’t make resolutions. Build habits!

Easier said than done.

Recent research tells us it takes more than 66 days to create a habit and often longer: up to 8 months for tasks that need to change embedded behaviour.

Here’s some great hints and tips and how to build a habit.

Define. Be specific with what you want to achieve. If you want to lose weight, start simple. “I will walk 5kms every day.”

Commit: Carve out the time in your daily schedule and commit to it.

Cues: Establish triggers that build in a neural stimulus. Put your walking shoes in a place you will see them when you wake up.

Consistency: It’s OK to fall off the wagon occasionally, however, you must get back on and keep up the routine. The longer the gap, the longer the habit will take to form.

Set small targets: Breaking the goal down into small hills makes the mountain seem smaller and more achievable.

Realize & Reward: You will wake up one day and find that what was a choice has now become instinctive. Celebrate and own these achievements. It’s even more rewarding when you’ve worked with family, friends or colleagues to achieve a goal together.

The image shows a great quote from Lao Tzu which frames the importance of habit creation.

How will you shape your destiny today?


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