Training & upskilling is the key to leaving a lasting legacy


The 9th largest country in the world. And home to some of our biggest projects.

Sometimes the challenges we set ourselves are pretty big too.

As we kicked off our latest project in Kazakhstan, we set ourselves ambitious targets to transition our teams for readiness and upskill at the same time – the first steps in leaving a legacy of the next generation of commissioning experts.

In only 2 weeks, with immense efforts from our technical experts, Operations, HSSEQ and HR teams, we successfully introduced our new Verification of Competency (VoC) process for 250+ our Technicians in the new commissioning environment. That’s in-depth technical competence assessments and theoretical and practical training, followed by examination and certification.

VoC’s are key to setting our people up for success with the skills and knowledge to safely and competently do their jobs.

Led by our Training & Development Manager in Kazakhstan, Indira Kadyrkhanova : “Our VoC process ensures we continue delivering excellence to our clients, but more than that, I am proud as a Kazakh national to know we are investing in the future of our country by upskilling Kazakh people”

*Disclaimer: Photos taken pre-COVID