John Gilley is Appointed CEO

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our primary focus has been to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our personnel. Our people and teams around the world have demonstrated resilience, hard work and tenacity to keep everyone safe and well, leading to ensuring that we can service our clients and the sustainability of our business.

The energy sector has also experienced a seismic shift which will have long term structural changes for years to come. Thankfully, Kentech is entering this period robustly. Our leadership team has never been stronger, we have a solid balance sheet and our backlog is at an all time high. However, we will come out of COVID-19 into a new world. We need to adapt, be proactive and create an even stronger Kentech.

We recognize that we will be a smaller company, at least in the short term. We have therefore decided to merge the roles of CEO and COO and are delighted to announce that John Gilley will now assume the role of CEO. John has long been Sarah’s chosen successor and will provide the team with clear leadership during this time of crisis.

John commented “I have known Sarah for 15 years. We’ve been through so much, traveled the world together and have shared magnificent highs and challenging lows. During her time as CEO, Sarah has built an impressive team and instilled a strong family culture. Sarah is a people’s person, a very kind and genuine human being. She has an unrivalled skill for developing meaningful relationships over a short period of time, a talent we have all benefited from at Kentech in securing new projects globally. She remains a shareholder in Kentech and I want to wish my sister in arms the very best in the path she chooses from here. She will be sorely missed.”

Sarah commented “I joined Kentech as a small family business in 2005. When I look back at what we have achieved I feel a great sense of pride. We have created thousands of jobs, helped put food on the table for families and given people opportunities to grow, to learn, to contribute to making something special together. Kentech has always been about people. John feels as passionate as I do about this. Our secret sauce is the importance we place on relationships, working together and supporting each other. I wish him every success in his new role, I will be here for him and know that his team is there to make it a success. As for me….a couple of months off to enjoy family, reading, reflecting, health, learning and start exploring what’s next for me.”

John will take on this role with immediate effect and Sarah will be here to support him through this transition.

Please join us in wishing John every success in his new role.