Kentech Establishes Strategic Partnership with Ahtna Solutions LLC, Alaska

Kentech Establishes Strategic Partnership with Ahtna Solutions LLC, Alaska

Kentech has entered into a strategic partnership with Ahtna Solutions LLC, an Alaska Native Regional Corporation subsidiary, to support our investment in the region and establish Kentech as a contributor to the economy of Alaska. This philosophy stems from what has always been Kentech’s commitment across the globe… we employ local people and engage in local partnerships wherever we operate. Our track record of successfully developing these relationships is widely evidenced in the success we have achieved with indigenous companies in the likes of Australia and in Kazakhstan where Kentech has over 86% local employees.

Ahtna Solutions is based in Anchorage, Alaska and along with its sister companies, has local offices and warehouses. The Ahtna family of companies employ 330 staff in Alaska and over 1,300 worldwide.  Ahtna’s staff have experience working with Alaska’s leaders in the oil and gas industries including the following:

  • BP
  • Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
  • Shell Exploration & Production Company
  • ExxonMobil
  • Alaska LNG Project
  • Hilcorp
  • ConocoPhillips

This partnership brings a shared commitment to delivering a unique value proposition to the North Slope. We will bring the extensive global experience and best practice driven commissioning solutions of Kentech together with the existing construction, logistical knowledge, local relationships and experience of Ahtna Solutions. We genuinely believe that combining these unique attributes will bring a more cost effective, technologically differentiated and value-added offering to our clients in Alaska.

Our partnership will enable Kentech and Ahtna Solutions to provide support services which will deepen existing relationships in the community, build the capability and skill set of the local workforce and strengthen the overall economic development of the region.  As a team, we are committed to delivering a lasting legacy in Alaska, where local content is more than simply a good business decision but one which makes a meaningful and lasting contribution to Alaska.

Kentech was impressed by the depth of expertise across sectors within the Ahtna family of companies and in particular their commitment to the environment, quality and safety. Values such as this make Ahtna Solutions the perfect company for Kentech to partner with.